Performance Chart and Statistics

Performance Chart and Statistics

1 Jan 2015

Happy New Year

Had a couple of regular losses recently with a surprisingly mediocre performance by the SA bowlers in a test against WI and then rain drawing the match. I feel that there was too much guesswork in the past week.

But, now the tennis starts tonight, with the qualifiers for Adelaide. I just have to keep it tight and now that I am spoilt for choice, I dont need to push it and force myself to trade on every game. There are many matches.

Just so that I don't overdo it - I will trade with smaller stakes today, like 50 or 100, rather than a few hundred. I'll build some confidence over the next few days - then start staking more. Also need to be careful with players coming back in after a break and some really wierd and surprising things tend to happen at this time of the year.

Finally, the AUS open starts on 19th Jan so the two weeks from then will be very important with lots of profit potential.

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